Lost Art Liquids vs FDA

Almost two years, Lost Art Liquids filed a lawsuit against the FDA pertaining to their classification of vape products as “tobacco products”. That lawsuit is ongoing. In case you’re not up to speed on the specifics, check out the link to a press release below….

Original Lawsuit Press Release

Yesterday, it was reported that Lost Art got in front of a judge to file a motion in the lawsuit. It wasn’t known at the time what exactly Lost Art was arguing. However, late yesterday, Lost Art posted the following on their blog….


Today, FDA continued its efforts to obtain a court order that, if granted, would keep us at Lost Art Liquids from being able to share information with all of you.A major part of what we are fighting for in our lawsuit is transparency from FDA. FDA should share all information that it has, which they used to justify its decision to deem vapor products as tobacco.

Congress bestowed upon FDA the duty to protect the public health and FDA has done a terrible job in carrying out this duty by intentionally leading the public to believe that vapor products pose similar harms as cigarettes and tobacco.

Scientists and public health officials here in the US are following what we have seen in the UK, and are now coming forward to let FDA know that vaping is in fact different and safer than smoking.

We hope that the judge will rule favorably on our motion we argued in court today, and that we will be able to share more information with you and the general public. Our hope is that you will be empowered to go to your congressman, and ask them to support new laws that regulate vapor products as technology not tobacco products.

We will keep you posted on the judges decision…
Until then, fight on✊🏼


You can see the original post when you CLICK HERE

We as vapors need to look at how Lost Art is being aggressive as an example of how we need to approach advocacy. Both on a national AND local level. Instead of spotting fires and trying to stop them out. We need to get out in front and prevent the fires from happening.

For more info on how you can get involved, go to casaa.org

Vape on!!


Scotty’s Pretend Girlfriend of the Week

I decided that because I can’t handle a relationship in real life due to too many bad experiences and being messed up for life, that I want to celebrate & highlight ladies I think are amazing for one reason or another. Sometimes, they’ll be the model type, sometimes they’ll be the “Average” type. Sometimes, they’ll be vapers, sometimes not. Bottom line, if I think a woman has qualities that should be celebrated, then dammit, that’s what I’m going to do! So, with no further adieu, let’s introduce you to the very first “Scotty’s Pretend Girlfriend of the Week”!!

Sana Lantana

Sana, is actually someone I’m blessed to call a friend! She is a Russian born beauty who is starting to make a name around the world! Don’t let the blonde hair fool you! Sana is a brainy beauty who can speak 4 languages!

Sana has been featured as the Sports Illustrated Lovely Lady of the Day, FHM both internationally & here in the states, Maxim, and has had the honor to be a Playmate for Playboy in Ukraine, Slovakia, Italy, and Poland!

But, Sana is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  She is all heart, loves to be happy and dance, and is not afraid to show off her dork side.  More because of the person she is on the inside is reason enough to make Sana Lantana the very first “Scotty’s Pretend Girlfriend of the Week”!

Follow Sana on her Instagram page!!

If you, or you know of someone you would like to nominate as “Scotty’s Pretend Girlfriend of the Week, email me!  scotty@vaperadio.com

New Study Finds No Health Risks in 2-Year Vapers!

Having been tobacco free for 4 years now, I probably could have told you this. But, it’s great to have medical evidence to back it up! In this new study, researchers got a group of former smokers to use a certain vape device exclusively for two years. The test subjects were allowed to smoke, but only if they were vaping 80% of the time. During the trial, researcher were continually examining the test subjects and zeroing in on several different key markers on their health. Results? Researchers found no negative effect on the test subjects! Well, duh. You can check out a PDF of the actual study report below. That is, if you’re into that highly proper scientific speak.

Read Report Here!!

Greetings Puny Earth People!!

Hey! Thanks for checking out Vape Radio!!! I’m excited to be a part of it, and hope you’ll join me every weekday from 7p-10p eastern/4p-7p pacific/ 2p-5p Hawaii(Aloha!!). I plan to have some weekly features on this thing. Along with occasional vape news, reviews, and the occasional random dumb stuff! Feel free to hit me up any time on the socials or the email on my page!! Would love to know where you’re listening from, juices I need to try, Your fav place to find loosely moral-ed women to help my dating life, whatever!! Talk to ya on the interwebs!

Welcome to Scotty’s BLOG

Welcome to Scotty’s BLOG

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