WZEWGet to know PABLO!

Pablo became a DJ while still in high school, and promptly spent most of his formative years as an air talent/programmer with stations such as WABB, WZEW and others, while also working in numerous nightclub settings. The “Silent Bob” of the Cyclops Unchained team, he currently spends an obscene amount of time keeping the music and equipment up to date so that always sounds and looks great.

He also holds the bail money for when The Rodman gets a liiitle too wild.

The newest member of the team to vaping, Pablo enjoys simple vape systems like the Fitt, Bo and Phix but also enjoys his Hexohm 3.0 with the Uwell Crown 3 tank for a change to sweet flavors. His favorites include The Truth, and sweets like Phoenix by Cyclops, Silverback’s BooBoo, and Primal from Known Distro.

He’s also an actor in his spare time. He can be seen (if you look reaaallly closely) in films such Here Comes Rusty, Hometown Legend, Vice, Extraction, and NetFlix’s Gerald’s Game. So if you see him pacing and talking to himself, he’s rehearsing.

Or The Rodman has finally driven him over the edge.

Pablo’s a massive fan of the Chicago Cubs, Kevin Smith movies and Frank Turner’s music. He’s a bigger fan of his wife, Kelly and daughter Bridget. The mini-schanuzer Jasmine? Her status in his life is directly proportional to how much she’s not pooping in the house….




Welcome to Pablo’s Blog

Welcome to Pablo’s Blog

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